Financial Services

Financial Services

Our mission is to serve the community with appropriate cost-effective services. Professional and compassionate care that is respectful of each person's dignity is our responsibility. Firelands Regional Medical Center is committed to providing access to healthcare for all persons regardless of their ability to pay.

The following outlines our financial assistance programs, which we offer to those in need. For further assistance regarding the programs, call our financial counselors at 419.557.7879 or toll-free 800.342.1177 or email

Hospital Care Assurance Program

Firelands Regional Medical Center complies with the hospital care assurance program as defined in the Ohio Revised Code section 5112.17. Firelands Regional Medical Center provides access to essential care and to essential health services without regard for individual consumers' ability to pay.

Applicants' qualifications for assistance will be determined based on current federal poverty guidelines, income, other earnings and family size.

Hospital Financial Assistance

Hospital financial assistance is Firelands Regional Medical Center's program for patients in financial need. Patients are eligible for financial assistance on a sliding scale through an application process. Documentation and completion of an application are required in order to evaluate financial assistance needs.

Susan G. Komen Northwest Ohio Grant

Firelands Regional Medical Center offers financial assistance for women who are in need of breast health screenings and may not be able to afford them. The funds for this program are provided by Susan G. Komen Northwest Ohio and the Foundation for Firelands.

Questions About Your Bill

During your hospital experience, you may receive statements (bills) from various providers (for instance, emergency care physicians, radiologists, pathologists and anesthesiologists) as well as from the hospital. If you have questions regarding any of these charges, please contact that provider as listed on the statement. Questions regarding your hospital bill should be directed to 419.557.7879 or toll-free at 800.342.1177.

Get information about paying your co-pay at the time of service.