Published on December 01, 2017

Stop the Bleed Campaign Comes to Firelands Regional Medical Center

(November 21, 2017 - Sandusky, Ohio) – Seconds count during a severe bleeding event. In fact, a person who is bleeding can die from blood loss in less than five minutes.

In an effort to encourage and educate bystanders to become trained, equipped, and empowered to help in a bleeding emergency, Firelands Regional Medical Center is providing Stop the Bleed classes on the following 2018 dates from 1 to 2 p.m.:

  • Wednesday, January 10
  • Wednesday, February 14
  • Wednesday, March 14
  • Wednesday, April 11
  • Wednesday, May 23
  • Wednesday, June 13
  • Wednesday, July 11
  • Wednesday, August 8
  • Wednesday, September 12
  • Wednesday, October 10
  • Wednesday, November 14
  • Wednesday, December 12

Excessive bleeding is responsible for nearly 35 percent of pre-hospital deaths and 40 percent of deaths in the first 24 hours of a traumatic event, according to the National Trauma Institute. And when a traumatic event like a vehicle crash, fall, bombing, or mass shooting occurs, bystanders can be the first to step in to help while emergency medical services (EMS) are en route to the scene.

“Participants can learn not only how and where to apply a tourniquet, but also gets hands on practice packing and applying pressure to open wounds on a manikin,” said Marisa Munafo, BSN, RN, education specialist at Firelands Regional Medical Center.

The cost to attend a Stop the Bleed class is $15.00 per person. Optional supplies, including tourniquets, will be available for purchase. The class will take place at Firelands Regional Medical Center South Campus, 1912 Hayes Ave., Sandusky, in the Education Room.

“In traumatic events, how many victims could be saved by bystanders who are educated about what to do?” said Munafo. “Most traumatic deaths come from blood loss, because people can bleed out in only a few minutes. If more bystanders are confident about how to help before EMS arrives, more lives can be saved.”

Visit the events calendar to register for a 2018 class today.

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