Published on June 26, 2019

SmartCurve for Mammography Now Available at Firelands Regional Medical Center

Firelands Regional Medical Center is pleased to announce that they now offer the SmartCurveTM system for a more comfortable mammogram. The curved compression of the SmartCurveTM system mirrors the shape of a women’s breast, and is clinically proven to be more comfortable.

SmartCurve Breast Stabilization System

Many women put off having a mammography because of discomfort. However, the SmartCurveTM system delivers an exceptional patient experience without compromising image quality, workflow, or dose.

Lori Kuns, R.T. (R)(M), assistant director of imaging services, Firelands Regional Medical Center, commented, “Many women avoid making their regular mammography appointment because the fear of discomfort stops them. Avoiding these regular screenings can put them at risk for any potential breast cancer being missed. We are excited to have the new SmartCurveTM paddle in place, as we hope it will have a positive impact on the women in our community, and their health.”

The Center for Breast Care at Firelands Regional Medical Center is the area’s only Accredited Breast Imaging Center of Excellence. In addition, all mammograms are read on-site by a board certified radiologist. To schedule your mammogram using SmartCurveTM, please call 419-557-7840.

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To schedule your appointment, please call 419-557-7840.