Published on September 23, 2020

Firelands Installs New MRI and Caring Suite

(September 23, 2020 – Sandusky, Ohio) Firelands Regional Health System recently installed a new MRI scanner and caring suite, which will be ready for patients in the beginning of October. “Our patients and physicians spoke, and we listened,” said Firelands Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Normington-Slay. “We understood that our patients sought a comfortable experience with MRI. That is why we’ve installed the GE SIGNA™ Architect at our main campus. Patients will now be able to choose a premium MRI experience without having to go far from home.” This will be the only 3.0T MRI scanner, paired with the use of blanket coils, in the region.

The SIGNA™ Architect at Firelands will provide patients with a more comfortable MRI experience. “The scanner features a wider bore, which means there’s a larger opening, and the noise is significantly reduced,” said Firelands neuroradiologist, Mark Buehler II, M.D. “The system will have much better imaging resolution due to the 3.0T magnet strength, advanced coil technology and robust clinical tools.” Buehler went on to explain the advantages of increasing comfort during an MRI, “this not only allows us to improve the imaging we currently provide, but also enhances our services for specialties such as neurology, neurosurgery, oncology and orthopedics.”

In addition to the new scanner, patients will be impressed by the new caring suite. The scanning room is outfitted with LED panels which allow patients to select a color of their choice to paint the room with light. Patients will also be able to select a calming scene on a 4K monitor. Lastly, the audio system gives each patient the opportunity to select calming music. The caring suite is built to help calm nerves and provide accurate scans. “The caring suite benefits both our patients and our providers, improving image quality, minimizing scan times and providing maximum comfort,” explained Mike Vickery, Firelands director of radiology.

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