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  • How to Get Rid of Your Constant Headaches 12/5/2017

    Should you suffer through your constant headaches which cause personal suffering, poor quality of life, financial cost, and constant fear of the next headache?

  • Medicine & Miracles: A Cardiac Arrest Story 11/28/2017

    An active 56-year-old father and grandfather, Brad Linden never expected his life’s story would include a “beat the odds” tale of survival. On July 23, it did.

  • Celebrating More First Birthdays Together 11/21/2017

    Firelands Regional Medical Center distributes Baby Boxes to every newborn born here. The boxes are provided free as a safe sleeping environment for babies.

  • Getting a Second Chance at Life 11/14/2017

    “Karen” said that she began to find comfort in having a glass of wine. Things began to spiral when she had to increase the amount she was drinking. Read more.

  • Comforting Patients One Stitch at a Time 11/7/2017

    Two local women took the initiative to try and bring comfort to patients at Firelands Regional Medical Center by making Knitted Knockers and Prayer Quilts.

  • Feel Better at Your Hometown Hospital 10/31/2017

    It’s unusual to find a hometown hospital with the expertise to treat the complex and the routine. That’s what Firelands provides to Erie County and nearby.

  • Can Too Much Touchscreen Use in Infants Cause Health Problems? 10/24/2017

    Can too much touchscreen use among infants and toddlers cause health problems? Studies say yes. Read what Firelands Regional Medical Center has to say.

  • Collaboration for a Cure 10/17/2017

    It is no secret that the key to fighting cancer is collaboration. No one entity can do it alone. For breast cancer, Komen is at the forefront of this fight.

  • In the Right Place at the Right Time: Greg Hoiles' Patient Story 10/10/2017

    Greg Hoiles has a tradition: every year his family travels to Cedar Point & Soak City. But in 2016, Greg's trip included something unexpected - cardiac arrest.

  • Strides Against Breast Cancer 10/3/2017

    Every effort adds up to impact the lives of women going through breast cancer treatment at the UH Seidman Cancer Center at Firelands Regional Medical Center.

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Page of 4, showing pages 1-10 of 39

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