Constant Headache: How to Get Rid of Them

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constant headaches how to get rid of

Headaches have been underestimated, under-recognized and under-treated throughout the world. But did you know that a headache on 15 or more days every month affects 1.7 to 4 percent of the world’s adult population? And that headache disorders collectively are the third highest cause worldwide of years lost due to disability?

Does that mean you should suffer through your chronic and severe headaches that disrupt your everyday life by causing personal suffering, impaired quality of life, financial cost, and even constant fear of the next headache?

Quick Answer:

Sherif Zaky, MD, MSc, PhD, of Firelands Physician Group, says no.

More Info on How to Get Rid of Constant Headaches

When people have constant headaches every day, not many are diagnosed appropriately by a healthcare provider, despite the fact that headache disorders are among the most common disorders of the nervous system.1 And more often than not, traditional treatments like hot or cold compresses to the head or neck, or over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen and aspirin just don’t work.

“The most important step in treatment of chronic headaches is obtaining the right diagnosis,” Dr. Zaky said, “as well as finding the source of the pain rather than adding medication to mask it.”

Pain management treatments offered at Dr. Zaky’s Advanced Headache Clinic include options like Botox for migraines, radiofrequency ablation, and nerve blocks – all of which have the ability to eliminate the constant and debilitating pain associated with headaches and migraines. By scheduling an appointment with Dr. Zaky, you can work directly with him to come up with an advanced headache treatment plan that fits your individual needs.

Depending on your treatment plan for constant headaches, some procedures may be able to be done in the office the same day of your appointment, meaning you can expect relief from your severe headaches even sooner.

“Now we have more resources and options for treatment of types of constant headaches,” Dr. Zaky said. “Some patients leave the office after their first treatment with no pain for the first time in years, which is amazing. Other times, we need to develop a longer treatment course to control the pain.”

Dr. Zaky’s Advanced Headache Clinic can be found at three convenient locations: the Firelands Spine Center at 703 Tyler St., Suite 352 in Sandusky; 1605 Route 60 in Vermilion; and 348 Milan Ave., Suite 2, in Norwalk. To schedule an appointment at any of the three locations, call 419-557-6161 or learn more here.

1 “Headache Disorders”, World Health Organization, April 2016.