Diabetic friendly recipes for the holidays, or any day!

Cooking a holiday meal for anyone with dietary restrictions can be difficult, especially if you are doing it for someone with diabetes.

“I like to pick your favorite food and make that a priority,” said Amanda Garman, a dietitian at Firelands Center for Coordinated Care. “Limit the foods that aren’t your favorites. Keep those off your plate and save the calories and carbohydrates to really enjoy your favorite food.”

“Another tip is watching your portions. So if you like to taste everything have a small piece of those,” said Amanda. “And if you really enjoy one or two of those you have can have a bigger portion.”

There are also many alternative and healthier substitutions you can make to traditional recipes. A common Thanksgiving staple is mashed potatoes, a side dish that is high in calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol content. But did you know there is a very similar, healthy alternative?

“Some people like to make substitutions,” said Amanda. “A very popular one right now is cauliflower mashed potatoes. So you leave out the potatoes and instead you replace it with cauliflower. You add all the good fixings and flavor with some sour cream and garlic for a lighter, lower calorie, lower carbohydrate side dish.”

There are also many options to help people with diabetes manage their diets outside of the holidays. The Diabetes Education Classes at Firelands Center for Coordinated Care include a one-on-one with a nurse, a one-on-one with a dietitian and then four group classes, each having a different topic. 

“Group classes are fun because we do talk. This past week we talked about Thanksgiving specifically- how to plan for family gatherings and different social events coming up through the holiday season.”

The classes also cover nutrition, different medications, testing blood sugar and disease prevention for diabetic patients. 

Check Out these Tasty Recipes

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