Fashion Week Grand Finale to Benefit Breast Cancer Care

When Fashion Week, Sandusky Style commenced in 2009, this event was designed to help patients in need of mammograms and breast cancer care. When this fundraiser began, a fund like this did not exist at Firelands. A small group of committed community members saw a need and filled it by beginning the Mammogram and Breast Cancer Fund. Now, ten years later, funds like this still don’t exist at many medical centers throughout the country. Firelands Regional Medical Center is unique in so many ways: the patient assistance funds raised in this event are just one example of how patients come first. Throughout the years, Fashion Week, Sandusky Style has combined a high- style runway show with an impressive display of philanthropic support from generous community members, ensuring patients are always cared for in a dignified, holistic manner.

Grateful patients have told inspiring stories of enduring breast cancer with the support of donors who, literally, helped to save their lives. In some instances, patients in dire financial situations were given the chance to treat their cancer, because donated funds were there to cover the costs they could not bear on their own. These patients are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and even husbands, fathers and brothers. They are gainfully employed individuals, who can no longer work because of their diagnosis. They are people who have health insurance, but whose coverage does not extend to illnesses like cancer. They are people with health insurance, who still find that the out- of-pocket costs exceeding $1,500 a month for breast cancer care create an insurmountable burden for their families. They are people who haven’t had a mammogram in years, because their insurance doesn’t cover it or because they fear what the test may uncover. They are people who have put their families ahead of themselves, but who now must fight for their own lives in order to be healthy for their families. Each of these patients has a unique story and each has relied on the generosity and support of our community. Throughout the years, care team members, physicians, board members and others have taken the runway in camaraderie with these patients. Donors have raised their paddles, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of patients in need and in tribute to the exceptional work of their caregivers.

Millions for Breast Cancer Care

Now in its tenth year, this flagship event is poised to raise more than $1 million in total for breast cancer care. In an ode to the immense support Fashion Week, Sandusky Style has provided for patients, The Foundation for Firelands invites you to join us for the Grand Finale of Fashion Week, Sandusky on September 20, 2018 at Plum Brook Country Club. In its final year, this high-energy fundraiser will feature the “best of” the last ten years, while returning to its high-fashion roots. The evening’s entertainment is inspired by the fashion meccas of Paris, Milan, Shanghai and New York, celebrating beauty, art, cuisine and culture from each unique location. This year, the runway show will feature jaw-dropping one-of-a-kind wearable art; repurposed clothing items that are given a second chance on our stage. This transformative fashion honors the beauty of breast cancer patients who have had their bodies and their lives transformed by their diagnosis. It is through this reconstruction and transformation that so many patients find new purpose and joy in their lives. 

Join us for the final year of the fundraiser that has, indeed, transformed the lives of hundreds of patients in our community!