Firelands Center for Breast Care, Experience the Difference

Mother, sister, daughter, that's how we treat every woman who walks through our doors for breast care – like she is a member of our Firelands family. The Center for Breast Care at Firelands Regional Medical Center provides a full spectrum of breast care, including digital/3D mammography, breast ultrasound, breast interventions, and bone density testing for those in the surrounding areas. Twice a year, Firelands offers free screenings for the uninsured or underinsured.  These free screenings include a clinical breast exam by a Firelands surgeon and mammogram if indicated. Our dedicated team of mammography technicians offers a combined 248 years of experience, or an average of 31 years each. That is a lot of experience! 

For many women, getting a mammogram for the first time can be stressful. The fear of the unknown or what the exam may reveal are all common concerns.  Even women getting their second, third, or fourth mammogram may experience a little anxiety.  Knowing what to expect, where to go, and the importance of getting an annual screening mammogram can help ease your mind. 

A mammogram is an x-ray used to check breasts for breast cancer and other abnormalities.  Usually, two images of each breast are taken (a front view and a side view).  The breast is placed on a platform and positioned. A compression paddle comes down to compress the breast until taunt. Compression is needed to get the best image possible. The image is taken, and the compression paddle releases automatically. A patient can complete the entire appointment in about 15 minutes.

That 15-minute appointment can be life-changing for some. A mammogram is the only test shown to reduce breast cancer deaths. Regular mammograms are the best test doctors have to find breast cancer early, sometimes up to three years before it can be felt. Early detection gives patients the best chance of treating breast cancer with a full recovery. Guidelines are constantly changing, but it is recommended that women get yearly mammograms beginning at age 40 or earlier if they are at high risk, such as a strong family history of breast cancer or carry the breast cancer gene.  Firelands Center for Breast Care accepts self-referral appointments for screening mammograms if the patient is at least 35 years of age and does not have a history of breast cancer or breast complaints. Otherwise, a physician can provide a referral for an annual screening appointment.

The Center for Breast Care at Firelands gives women access to an experienced breast healthcare team and the most sophisticated technology available today. We are the area's only facility recognized as a "Breast Imaging Center of Excellence" through the American College of Radiology. This honor requires accreditation in digital mammography, stereotactic breast biopsy, breast ultrasound ultrasound-guided biopsy, and breast MRI. No matter what breast health needs you may have, you will not be alone as you navigate our breast care services

Firelands Center for Breast Care Team

Our technologists are nationally registered and state-licensed with specialty certifications. A nurse navigator is available to counsel and educate patients, answer questions and organize health care services or referrals should the patient require additional appointments. Firelands also employs community health workers who provide support within the community.  While not medical professionals, these women act as natural support systems for the community. They connect with the local minority and senior citizen populations to identify individuals who need screening and encourage them to get screened. Our board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists are on-site and available for consultation with a patient should a problem arise.  

Having an annual mammogram at Firelands Center for Breast Care isn't just convenient; it provides continuity of care should a patient need to have other procedures performed. Once a patient arrives at Firelands Regional Medical Center, our patient navigator is there to help "navigate" healthcare services and provider referrals. There is no need to worry about where to go, who to see, or what tests to have done. This continuity of care helps ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment between all multidisciplinary team members. 

Most procedures can be completed at the same facility. The Center for Breast Care at Firelands performed a total of 264 biopsies in 2019, with 111 of those positive for cancer, and in 2020, 199 biopsies were performed, with 99 of them coming back positive for cancer.  Our goal is to provide comprehensive care customized to address each patient's unique needs in one comfortable and convenient location. Our experts provide all-inclusive, coordinated care from outreach and screening to diagnosis, treatment, and survivorship.  

For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment at Firelands Center for Breast Care, call 419-557-7840.