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The ability to move your body and complete daily tasks can be easily overlooked. That is unless your body begins to have aches and pains that cause daily tasks to become difficult and strenuous. This was true for two patients, Lisa Kehoe and Ed Rusch, who looked to Firelands Physician Group Sandusky Orthopedicsfor care to aid them in returning to the life they love. 

Fun Fact:  Orthopedics, or orthopaedics, relate to the branch of medicine dealing with the correction of deformities of bones or muscles. The word itself stems from the Greek words orthos, which means “correct” or “straight,” and paidion, which means “child.”

Lisa Kehoe struggled with knee pain for over 40 years. Seeking a solution, she scheduled an appointment with Dr. James Berry at Firelands Orthopedics. 

“I had one visit and immediately felt confident and very comfortable with Dr. Berry. His questions, information, and overall interest in my condition was genuine. We discussed surgery options that day!” Kehoe said. 

Dr. Berry performed bilateral knee surgery, after which Lisa received outpatient physical therapy.” The entire experience from pretesting to release from therapy with Firelands was amazing!” Kehoe said. 

Lisa also received physical therapy at Firelands Bone Creek to help her on her path to recovery. There, she learned from physical therapists how to best care for herself as she recovered from surgery. Physical therapists gave her the tools and taught skills to aid Lisa in successfully achieving full mobility again. 

Lisa said she now feels safer, stronger, and able to take care of herself to enjoy the things she loves, thanks to the Sandusky Orthopedic team at the medical center and physical therapy locations.

Ed Rusch dealt with hip pain that limited his daily activities. Ed scheduled an appointment with Dr. Justin Kelly. Ed said, “At our first meeting, Dr. Kelley spent quite a bit of time with me, and he talked directly to me in terms I could understand. We agreed on a date, got the total hip replacement done, and today I am almost completely pain-free”. 

Ed said that the process from the initial appointment, surgery, to recovery went smoothly. He described the providers at Firelands as “friendly and welcoming.” 

The orthopedics care team at Firelands is here to care for you in any situation. With their wide range of specialties, our providers have you covered from head to toe. 

Orthopedic surgery covers various conditions, including bone and joint conditions, hand conditions, bone tumors, musculoskeletal tumors, metastatic lesions. Firelands Physician Group Sandusky Orthopedics offers the expertise to diagnose and treat your orthopedic condition. 

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