Fruit is Nature's Candy

If you are curious about where fruits fit in with eating healthy, check out this blog by Donald Cundiff, MD, of Firelands Weight Management and Nutrition. Dr. Cundiff has been specializing in weight management for nine years and is passionate about helping people find their healthy weight. 

Fruit is nature's candy. Many people are frightened by fruit because of its carbohydrate content. But don’t worry! Although fruit does contain more calories from sugar than vegetables, it is still a low amount, relative to the alternatives of candy, chips, or other commonly available snack foods, while also providing you with countless nutrients. These natural carbs will be more slowly absorbed due to fruits' high fiber content, so whole fruit causes fewer spikes in your blood sugar and is less likely to be overeaten than other sweets.

Though fiber is in most fruits, the best sources are apples, oranges, and berries. When you pair a juicy piece of whole fruit with a high protein snack, you’re providing your body with more natural healthy food that is harder to break down, creating longer-lasting fullness.

And last but certainly not least, fruits contain so many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients, all of which help your feel your best. Fruit also supports your immune system during these scary times. All in all, fruit is a wonderful snack, side, or topping for any time of the day. If you feel you need something sweet after dinner, try a bowl of berries. Even if you struggle with your weight, don’t be afraid of whole fruit. Just keep it to a single serving and pair it with a high source of lean protein. Enjoy!

- Donald Cundiff, MD

Firelands Center for Coordinated Care

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Weight management is a challenging issue for an ever-increasing percentage of our population, primarily due to genetics and the environment. It's NOT just a lack of willpower, as so many of you have heard over and over again. At Firelands, we use evidence-based, scientific strategies to deliver a comprehensive, individualized plan that meets each specific person's needs.

We have organized a multi-disciplinary team consisting of a board-certified physician, dietitian, nurse practitioner, board-certified pharmacist, and an exercise physiologist. This highly qualified team will:

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  • Teach life skills necessary to sustain goals
  • Help you overcome the many barriers to long-term success
  • Help you understand the complex reasons that lead to weight gain
  • Give you the tools to maintain your healthy weight

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