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Published on January 02, 2018

Tackling the Ohio Drug Problem Requires Collaboration

By Christine Mack, Development Officer

Treating individuals with mental illness and addiction can't be done alone. In order to address the vast social and medical issues associated with chemical dependency and mental illness, our community must collaborate. Firelands Regional Medical Center Counseling and Recovery Services knows that partnerships within our community mean more people can have access to life-saving services when they need them.

That's why Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services can be found in nearly every part of our community, helping to ensure that everyone who needs mental health and recovery services can access them. That’s why there is an extensive list of organizations, civic and social services that have joined forces with Firelands because together, we can save lives.

In 2016, Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services expanded the only 24/7/365 crisis hotline to a sevencounty service area in response to the needs of the patients in those communities. This critical service took more than 22,000 calls in 2016 from people who were experiencing mental health and addiction crises.

In addition, Firelands continues to offer outpatient mental health and addiction treatment services in seven counties as well as inpatient psychiatric care at Firelands Main Campus.

In the past five years, Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services has been awarded more than $5 million from the federal government to provide primary care to those seeking treatment for mental illness and mental health screening services. In addition, the primary care service, called the Plus Program, now administers Vivitrol to patients undergoing treatment for opiate addiction.

In collaboration with the Erie and Ottawa County Mental Health Boards, Firelands provides mental health services in the county jails, helping inmates with addiction and mental illness. In addition, providers help to link individuals with treatment programs as they re-enter the community. Firelands continues to expand these inmate services within a six-county area and provides similar services to two area juvenile detention homes.

Firelands Counseling and Recovery Services collaborates with the mental health boards and health departments in all seven counties served to meet the needs of the more than 14,000 patients receiving treatment and to expand services as needed.

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