Healthy Holiday Food Tips

Aw, the holidays. Who doesn’t love the excuse to self-indulge once a year with all the wonderful cooking and baking that's going on?

On the other hand, if you’re on a diet, or have diet restrictions, the holidays can be a downright nightmare. 

Most health professionals, or dietitians, will tell you that as long as you eat in moderation, a little treat here and there won’t hurt. So, with that in mind, Amanda Garman, MS, RDN, LD with Firelands Regional Medical Center’s Diabetes Education had this to say: 

“Staying on track with health goals during the holiday season can be challenging. Holiday favorites can be tempting and when leftovers linger, it can be difficult to get back on track. Here are some quick, easy tips for building a healthy meal:

  1. Plan ahead. Making salads for the week can help boost your motivation and commitment to eating balanced meals
  2. Incorporate a source of carbohydrate, healthy proteins and plenty of veggies into each salad for optimal flavor and lasting fullness and satiety
  3. Be brave with flavors. Salads can get boring – spice up your veggies with plenty of flavor using seasonal fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains and herbs and spices! Check out the fall and winter recipe suggestions”

Meal prepping can really help to reduce over-eating. Below is some helpful information from Cook Smarts for making on-the-go Mason jar salads, and seasonal items to create healthy winter salads: