Hip replacement using the anterior approach – What is it, and why is it effective?

If you have already tried all of your doctor recommended treatments for your hip pain and discomfort, but you are still having problems getting around, hip replacement surgery might be an option for you. 

When researching your hip replacement surgery, you may come across three types of approaches that are used. Normally, an orthopedic surgeon will conduct the procedure from behind the hip (posterior), the side of the hip (lateral), or from in front of the hip – which is the anterior approach. 

What are the benefits for the anterior approach?

There are some benefits to using the anterior approach. However, it is important to talk to your orthopedic surgeon to understand all the risk factors that surround your unique situation. Total hip replacement with an anterior approach is not an option for everyone. Your orthopedic surgeon will assess your general health, age, lifestyle, habits and bone health to ensure your hip is healthy enough for the procedure. Some benefits to using the anterior approach are: 

  • Smaller surgical cut/incision
  • Less muscle trauma
  • Less pain
  • Earlier and easier recovery
  • Less limping
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Decreased chance of hip dislocations

James Berry, MD, orthopedic surgeon with Firelands Physician Group, uses the anterior approach. When asked why he prefers this method over the others, he said: “The anterior approach avoids cutting major muscles, because there are fewer of them at the front of the hip. For my patients, this means a faster recovery time with less pain. And, in the long-term, most patients will have better mobility and movement in their hip without the worry of dislocation.”

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