Out With the Old...In With the New

hospital website redesign

Ah, springtime. After a long winter, grass is turning green again, tulips and daffodils are blooming, and trees are budding. Everything is fresh and new.

What better time to spring clean – or in this case completely refresh – the Firelands Regional Health System websites?

Fall 2013 is the last time our websites got a new look and feel. We’ve been working hard at improvements, and guess what? The makeovers are finally complete. We’re excited to announce an overhaul to our websites – firelands.com, firelandsphysiciangroup.com, and foundationforfirelands.com.

Our number one priority as we cranked away at this hospital website redesign was you – your convenience, your online experience, and your priorities. We hope the new design, features and functionality make it easier for you to find what you need so you can make the most informed healthcare decisions possible.

Poke around and take a look for yourself! As you do, keep a lookout for some of these new features:

  • Enhanced user-experience: Whether you start on firelands.com and need to go to firelandsphysiciangroup.com, you need to search for a particular doctor, treatment or location, or you need to pay your bill – you can do it all quickly and easily from the new streamlined navigation and site search functionality.
  • Most-used tasks right at your fingertips: The websites now have a task navigation “How Can We Help You?” button that stays with you on every page, so you can easily find items you need, like online bill pay, insurance information, career openings, find a doctor, donate to the Foundation, and more.
  • Online bill payment for Firelands Physician Group patients: Firelands hospital patients have already had access to online bill pay, but now Firelands Physician Group patients do, too. When visiting the refreshed firelandsphysiciangroup.com, patients will now be able to pay their bill online. The online bill pay portal can be found in the “How Can We Help You?” navigation of firelandsphysiciangroup.com, and on the Billing & Insurance page.
  • Locations directory: Need to quickly find an address or phone number for a particular Firelands location? Found in the top navigation, the new Locations section lets you search, select a location, and find contact information including maps and directions.
  • Improved physician profiles: As an ongoing project, the new Firelands website allows for more robust physician profiles, including detailed personal and professional biographies, and short videos that give you a glimpse inside the physician’s office. Check back for ongoing enhancements in this area of the site.
  • Mobile accessibility: The previous website was also mobile-friendly, but with more than half of our website visitors coming from mobile devices and tablets, the new website will be easily accessible on mobile devices, with click-to-call telephone numbers and no pesky zooming required.

Become Empowered in Your Healthcare Journey

You’ll also notice one more new feature of our hospital website redesign – the one you’re reading right now! We’re thrilled to bring you our new, online resource hub called Empower: A Firelands Regional Health System Blog. Choosing a healthcare provider is your decision – one that you should make with the right resources, knowledge and tools at your fingertips. The purpose of Empower is not to serve as a health library, but to share real stories and insights to help patients like you understand what kind of experience they will have here and be empowered to select Firelands confidently as their healthcare provider of choice.

By focusing on stories that showcase the patient experience at Firelands, and not solely on clinical information currently saturating the web, we hope you will be able to better connect to our brand and see yourselves as a part of our story – a part of our Firelands Family.

Now enough talking…go ahead and explore the site!