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Published on April 11, 2017

A Neighbor, Not a Number: Joni's Story

Joni D’Amico was expecting her first child when she and her husband moved from Cleveland to Sandusky. She had every intention of going back to the “big city” to deliver her baby. No amount of persuasion would convince her otherwise.

birthing hospitalHer husband was a fireman here. Due to the nature of his job he had a lot of experience with the Emergency Department at Firelands. He was impressed with the friendliness, dedication, and expertise of the hospital staff.

He told Joni about the warmth and personal interest the ED staff showed when caring for patients. He told her how impressed he was with the remarkable expertise of the doctors and nurses he met.

Nothing could change Joni’s mind until she met a young mother at her church. The woman had just delivered her first baby at Firelands. She had experienced severe last-minute complications during delivery. The doctor moved swiftly to save both the mother and the baby. The delivery nurse was calming and supportive during the entire event.

Joni’s new friend said she would never consider any hospital other than Firelands.

birthing hospital

Her story finally changed Joni’s mind. Twelve years and four more deliveries later, Joni and her husband are enthusiastic supporters of Firelands.

Joni believes we have a wonderful treasure right under our noses. “I think it is easy to forget how much Firelands contributes to the peace of mind and wonderful quality of life we enjoy here. We must be careful not to take it for granted. I have no doubt that I would have received excellent care in Cleveland. But there I would have been a number and not a neighbor.”

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