Placental Abruption and a Birth to Remember

When she experienced a placental abruption (ruptured placenta) at one in the morning, Brandy called her obstetrician at home. She had known her doctor for several years. He delivered her first two babies. And he provided prenatal care during this pregnancy. Brandy wanted him to be with her for this delivery.

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Until that morning her pregnancy had been perfectly normal. There was no indication of a potential emergency like a placental abruption.

After she called her doctor, Brandy and her husband drove the short distance to the hospital. They were met by a ready team from the Obstetrics Department, who were prepared for emergencies like a placental abruption. Her doctor had called ahead to let them know Brandy was on her way. He relayed the extremely urgent nature of the placental aburption situation and the need to act quickly. He advised them that he was on his way.

Brandy was impressed with the responsive team. “As soon as I arrived they got me into bed. The anesthesiologist prepped me and told me they were taking me straight into surgery for an emergency C-section. My doctor was waiting for us when we arrived in surgery."

“Within forty minutes of arriving at the hospital, Clare Elise was born and in my arms — a beautiful, healthy baby thanks to the skillful obstetrics team at Firelands. We are both alive and well today [even after the placental abruption] because we had responsive, caring professionals close to home. And they were willing to go the extra mile for us.”

What is a Placental Abruption?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a placental abruption is when the placenta separates from the lining of the uterus during pregnancy, and can be dangerous and life-threatening for the baby, since it can disrupt the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the baby before birth. Only about 1 percent of all pregnant women will experience placental abruption.

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