Saying Goodbye: The Abbey Rose Foundation Gives the Gift of Time to Grieving Families

Welcoming a new addition into your family is often an exciting whirlwind of baby showers and nursery decorating as you plan to bring the newest little bundle of joy into your home. And like most new parents, you never want to even consider the small possibility of something going wrong. 

In January, Jordan and Keri Manlet of Norwalk, were at the end of a relatively normal pregnancy with a little boy they had named Isaac.

“It was a normal pregnancy,” recalled Jordan. “[Keri] had gone in for a checkup the Friday before the scheduled induction and everything was fine. So then we went in Monday morning and while they were getting her set up I took our son, Carter, down to get some food. When we came back up there were six nurses in the room.”

“I kind of knew something wasn’t right,” said Keri. “They did an ultrasound and they couldn’t find the heartbeat. So we really didn’t know what had happened at that point.”

The Manlet family proceeded with the delivery and found that the umbilical cord had been wrapped around his foot twice. With the assistance of a recent donation, the family was able to spend as much time with their newborn as they needed to get to know their newborn son before saying goodbye.

The CuddleCot Donation

In October of 2018, the Kudrin family donated a CuddleCot toFirelands' Center for Women & Newborns


In October of 2018, the Abbey Rose Foundation selected Firelands Regional Medical Center’s Center for Women & Newborns to be the recipient of a CuddleCot donation. The bassinet looking device has been internationally recognized for helping parents who suffer the loss of a baby by giving them the gift of time. Time allows the family to form an important bond with their baby, from to cherishing them with photographs to allow other family members a chance to get to the hospital so they have the opportunity grieve the life lost so young. 

“It was nice having closure, just knowing what had happened, but it didn’t make it any less painful,” said Keri. “But just having the time with him helped a lot. Just for us to be able to be with him for a while and for our family to come.”

“Afterwards, I had read a couple of things about the CuddleCot,” said Keri. “I didn’t realize that if you don’t have that, how quickly you have to say goodbye and for me, just thinking about if we didn’t have that, how much harder it would have been.”

Hospitals that are not fortunate enough to have a device like the CuddleCot, can only offer families a small window of time before the baby’s condition begins to decline. With a design very similar to a bassinet, the cooling pads help to preserve the condition of the baby for as long as the family may need.

The Cuddle Cot has enabled grieving families to spend more time with their babies,” said Jennifer Rickard, director of women and services. “We truly appreciate having received the Cuddle Cot which has been a definite benefit for our patients and families during a difficult loss.”

The Abbey Rose Foundation knows all too well the grief a family endures after the loss of a child. After the loss of their own daughter, Abbey Rose, to SIDS, Sam and Suzi Kudrin started the foundation as a way “to aid in the prevention of SIDS and to provide hope and comfort for families grieving the loss of a child.”

“One of the big things, when Abbey died, was it was all very rushed,” recounted Suzi. “They picked an outfit out for her and took us back, but her [body had already begun to deteriorate], so no one else in our family got the chance to see her.” 

“If you can just have a few more moments, just so the family can go back there. Just a few more hours, it would have been really nice to have. So that’s our hope, to be able to provide that to others.”

Nothing will ever make the pain any easier, but the Manlet’s expressed that the time they were able to spend with their little boy is what they are most grateful for.

“We are grateful to the Abbey Rose Foundation. Having that time just to hold him, be with him, and just get to know him,” said Keri. “It was a blessing to be able to have that.”

“It made a difference in our lives and I’m sure many others,” expressed Jordan.

The Abbey Rose Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding in the prevention of SIDS and providing hope and comfort for families grieving the loss of a child.

The Abbey Rose Foundation was created in loving memory of Abbey Rose Kudrin who passed away unexpectedly on 4/8/11. Abbey’s parents knew instantly that they wanted to help other parents who were grieving the tragic loss of a child.

Since the Abbey Rose Foundation was established in 2011, over 200 families have been touched through its inspirational approach. These families span the United States and Canada. Visit the Abbey Rose Foundation's website for a list of upcoming events.