Veggie Tales

Broccoli...Celery... It's got to be Veggie Tales. I don't know if you remember the children's show Veggie Tales, but I loved watching it with my kids. Bob the tomato, and Larry the cucumber, can still be your good friends. Before you stop reading, yes, this is a pitch to get you to eat your vegetables. For weight loss purposes, we love them. You can eat a large volume and still eat very few calories. In this column, I will continue to highlight that the only way you can permanently lose weight is to get full on fewer calories. Not Starvation or Hunger! Vegetables require more work to chew, so they make you eat slower and give your gut-brain fullness signals a chance to help you eat less. Vegetables also require more work to digest, so they help keep you full even longer.

Start your meals with veggies, and you will have less room for higher-calorie foods. And don't forget they are "so good for you ." Vegetables are not something that has to taste bad. If made correctly, with roasting, sauteing, steaming, air frying, insta-potting using a little bit of olive oil and the right spices, they taste fantastic! They are also excellent raw if you pick a minimally processed dip such as hummus or a Greek yogurt-based dip. So, even though they act as a medicine, vegetables do not have to taste like medicine. Try them again. Cook them properly. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed Veggie Tales.

- Donald Cundiff, MD
  Firelands Center for Coordinated Care

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Weight management is a challenging issue for an ever-increasing percentage of our population, primarily due to genetics and the environment. It's NOT just a lack of willpower, as so many of you have heard over and over again. At Firelands, we use evidence-based, scientific strategies to deliver a comprehensive, individualized plan that meets each specific person's needs.

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