Why Jarvis Bova Chose Firelands Regional Medical Center as His Heart Hospital

Jarvis Bova leads a very hectic, but fulfilling life. He and his wife Mandy are constantly juggling the everyday demands that come with working full-time jobs and raising four young children. To better accommodate their family life, Jarvis works second shift at the Huron County Highway Department and Mandy is a teacher in Bellevue.

In January 2014, Jarvis returned to work after suffering from the flu for a few days. After a long night of plowing snow, Jarvis woke the next morning with severe chest pain.

“It was so bad I called Mandy at school and asked if she would come home and take me to the emergency room (ER),” Jarvis said. Mandy knew her husband must be in serious pain. After 10 years in the Air Force, which included a tour in Afghanistan and another in Iraq, her husband was not one to complain.

Mandy drove Jarvis to an area ER where he was diagnosed with pericarditis, which is the inflammation of the pericardium (the lining around the heart) caused by a virus. The ER doctor thought Jarvis’ immune system had been weakened by his recent bout of the flu, which caused him to contract the pericarditis. “The doctor gave me a heavy-duty anti-inflammatory drug and said I could go home after he received the results of my blood work,” explained Jarvis.

The doctor soon returned with troubling news - the blood work came back abnormal, indicating that Jarvis may have had a heart attack. He recommended that Jarvis undergo a heart catheterization procedure at a heart hospital immediately.

“All I could think was, I’m 35 years old and in good shape. I can’t have had a heart attack,” Jarvis recalled.

Jarvis and Mandy were given three options for a heart hospital: he could be transferred by helicopter to Cleveland or Toledo, or by ambulance to Firelands Regional Medical Center. 

“We choose Firelands [as my heart hospital] for several reasons,” said Jarvis. “My wife’s grandmother has had two heart caths and by-pass surgery at Firelands with excellent results. Also, it’s much closer to home. It was the best choice for my family and me.”

Scott Sheldon, DO, cardiologist, and the Firelands heart cath team were notified of Jarvis’ pending transfer, and began the procedure as soon as he reached the heart hospital. By the time Mandy arrived (she had stopped home in Bellevue to make child care arrangements for her children), the heart cath was completed.

Dr. Sheldon had very welcome news for Jarvis and Mandy. The heart cath indicated that Jarvis had a healthy heart with no sign of blockage. He wanted Jarvis to spend the night in the hospital, but he would be discharged the following day. In the meantime, the weather had worsened and Mandy was concerned about driving home. The nursing staff told her not to worry, they would move a couch into Jarvis’ room and she could spend the night at his bedside.

“We were so impressed with the kindness, care and support we received from everyone at Firelands,” said Jarvis. “And I didn’t have to go to Toledo or Cleveland. That made it so much easier for Mandy and the rest of my family. I’m so glad we made the choice to go to Firelands.”

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