Your Health Cornerstone

Family Medicine is the Cornerstone to Better Health

Today, family medicine providers are referred to as primary care providers or PCPs. PCPs are usually physicians, although they can be nurse practitioners or physician assistants. In the past, people primarily visited their family physicians only when they were sick. Although still essential for when you are not well, in today's world, a visit to one's PCP is often to maintain good health. PCPs and their healthcare team collaborate to keep patients healthy through proactive preventative medicine, health screenings, and lifestyle medicine. Your PCP is your healthcare hub, more modernly known as one's "medical home."

What is a Primary Care Provider?

PCPs, address a person's complete health needs throughout their lifetime, including physical, mental, and social well-being. Unlike other medical specialties, family medicine focuses on the whole individual rather than on a specific illness, disease, organ, or system. The aim is to improve a person's overall wellness by preventing or solving health issues as they arise. Regular visits help your PCP learn more about you and your current health, your history and family history, your treatment preferences, your personality, lifestyle, and challenges.  

Studies support the benefits of having an established PCP. For example, people are more likely to live a healthier life than those with no PCP and at a lower cost. These proactive folks have more accessibility to efficient and value-based healthcare. A North Carolina emergency room study revealed that a PCP could have addressed 60% of the problems before people visited the emergency room (ER). These ER visits cost three to seven times more in contrast to a visit to a PCP. Utilizing a PCP over urgent care or ER, when appropriate, reduces costs of care.

Moreover, people who have a PCP save 33% on health care over those who only see specialists. Maintaining chronic conditions help prevent expensive hospitalizations and lowers the possibility for costly medications. In a perfect world, if everyone had a PCP and consulted them first (outside of an emergency), it would save the U.S. an estimated $67 billion every year. 

Everyone wants to maintain good health, and PCPs can keep you healthier by regularly assessing your health risks through tools such as screenings and lab tests. Health conditions are best managed through early detection when they are most treatable. Studies show adults with a PCP have 19% lower odds of premature death than those who only see a specialist. PCPs educate patients to prevent or better manage diseases and health conditions. When health issues do arise, the PCP can assist patients in navigating the complexities of the health system and connect them to needed resources. 

Firelands Physician Group has years of combined experience and is here to provide the care you need, at any age, when and where you need it. These providers serve four counties, with offices located in Erie, Huron, Ottawa, and Sandusky counties. 

Firelands Physician Group has a beautiful new state-of-the-art facility in Perkins Township known as Firelands Sandusky Healthcare Center. The building is physically designed in pods to support a team-based approach to provide patients with the best experience and outcome. Each physician has a team consisting of nurses, care coordinators, and a nurse practitioner. The workstations for the providers and care teams are close in proximity, fostering efficient communication and collaboration to best benefit patients. The building also conveniently houses lab and imaging services. So, if you are looking for a new "medical home," let our family care for your family. Find your primary care provider today at