anesthesiology services

Anesthesia Services

Your procedure may require anesthesia services. If so, the anesthesiologist will discuss this with you on the day of your scheduled procedure. You will be required to sign a consent form authorizing these services. A copy of this is available for your review here.

A team lead by a board certified anesthesiologist and certified nurse anesthetist will provide you effective and safe care. Receiving anesthesia will result in minimized pain, improved patient satisfaction, and a quicker recovery time.

The type of anesthesia you will receive is chosen based on the type of surgery, your medical condition, the surgeon’s requirements and your preferences. There are four types of anesthesia commonly employed: local, regional and general anesthesia, as well as sedation.

Please note: Professional fees for anesthesia services are billed separately from your hospital, surgical center, or surgeon’s bill.

Meet the team

William T. Fullam, lll, MD
Satya S. Gorty, MD
Robert M. Kerro, Jr., MD
Bradley W. Mitchel, MD
David P. Mueller, DO
David W. Riemann, DO
John M. Swain, MD
W. Daniel Traetow, MD

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists- OR
Colleen A. Adams, CRNA
Arthur E. Broadbent, CRNA
Kevin L. Deeter, CRNA
Margaret A. Guido, CRNA
Bernice C. Jacobs, CRNA
Kaitlyn H. Jakubec, CRNA
Christine M. Kovacs, CRNA
Kathleen A. Niederhelman, CRNA
Mario E. Ruiz, CRNA
Kearsten M. Tieche, CRNA

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists- OB
Christoper J, Copley, CRNA
Jeffrey L. Thomas, CRNA
Joel E. Tompkins, CRNA
Jason E. Welch, CRNA

Accepted Insurances

Accepted insurance providers may vary, so verify the hospital's participation with your insurance provider before receiving services.

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