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Do you think you have coronavirus (COVID-19)?

In order to protect our community and our healthcare workers, it’s important to be prudent. Contact with a caretaker could potentially be detrimental to the people they serve. Here are the steps you can take if you suspect you may have the flu or even COVID-19:




Virtual Care Call Ahead Avoid the ER

Firelands Virtual Care

Call your family doctor

Avoid the Emergency Room

The beauty of telehealth platforms is, you can speak directly with a provider and receive care from the comfort of your home. This also lessens the chance of you getting sick and lessens the chance a provider will get sick. We need our providers now more than ever. A “visit” on Firelands Virtual Care gives us a good idea of how to treat you if any further steps are necessary.

Calling your doctor will help prevent the spread of illness. Again, this prevents you from getting sick. This prevents them from getting sick or further spreading illness to other patients. Firelands Regional Health System employs and partners with many local physicians. Please find the comprehensive list of providers here.

Avoid going directly to the Emergency Room for testing. This step should be a last resort and only considered if you’re significantly ill. The emergency department will prioritize the sickest patients and those that have been referred by their provider. Please do not second guess if you are unsure.

The goal is to protect the families of patients and providers alike. The goal is to protect you. We believe these measures will help to lessen the impact if cases become more exponential in our area.

Calling all area licensed clinicians

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Thank you for your support!

Many local organizations have responded during our time of need. Your contribution of personal protective equipment and supplies will safeguard our clinicians and patients.  

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