neuroscience care team

On-Site Care Team

Meet a few members of the Firelands Care Team specializing in neurology, neuroradiology, and neurosurgery.


Mark A. Buehler II, MD

With the addition of the GE Signa Architect and the fellowship-trained experience of Dr. Buehler, this duo of technology and expertise is unmatched. With Dr. Buehler on-site at Firelands, patients can experience faster scans with the GE Signa Architect and receive their reads quicker from his special training.

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benedict neurology

Steven Benedict, MD

Dr. Benedict offers a cutting-edge treatment for Multiple Sclerosis called Lemtrada, right here at Firelands. This keeps patients close to home while providing them with access to treatment options that make a difference in their lives. Dr. Benedict selected neurology as his specialty because he enjoys the inherent challenges that are present in diagnosing and treating nervous system diseases.

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Nick DenBesten, PhD

Dr. DenBesten earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Neuropsychology from Novi Southeastern University. He enjoys evaluating a wide range of patients, from adolescents going through the Concussion Clinic, to elderly dementia or rehabilitation patients.

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Dale E. Braun, MD

Dr. Braun is a fellow of the American Association of Neurological Surgeons. He enjoys the full spectrum of neurosurgery from brain tumors, trauma, and spinal, and peripheral nerve disorders. In addition, he is proud to bring cutting-edge, minimally invasive reconstructive spine surgery and motion preservation spine surgery to Northern Ohio. He utilizes three-dimensional modeling for guidance, enabling them to perform traditionally large surgeries through percutaneous and small tubular retractor approaches. This minimizes trauma to the tissues with lower infection or bleeding risks, less downtime, and fuller recovery.

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