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Pregnancy and birth

As a birthing hospital in Sandusky serving families in Norwalk, Huron, Vermilion, Clyde, Fremont, and nearby, Firelands Regional Medical Center provides the right balance of medical expertise, advanced technology, and a home-like atmosphere for moms-to-be. Childbirth is a special moment, which is why we are dedicated to creating a unique birthing experience in a family-centered environment. From natural delivery to cesarean birth, our staff is prepared to provide exceptional services to exceed your expectations.

Labor, Delivery, Recovery

Firelands provides moms-to-be with:

  • A patient room with its own spa-like, private bathroom; showers are equipped with a bench and hand-held shower wand for ease of use for new moms and surgical patients
  • Comfortable sleeper sofas for an overnight guest
  • Rockers/recliners for comfortable seating for surgical patients
  • Separate, private labor and delivery/recovery rooms with natural light and windows; suites equipped for in-room examinations
  • Hydrotherapy tub for moms during labor
  • Air handling units to better control individual room temperatures
  • Triage room for mothers who require a non-stress test or a short stay
  • Charging workstations for computers and tablets
  • State-of-the-art operating room located inside the Labor and Delivery unit, which allows for rapid response to emergency situations for the safety of mom and baby

Explore more information on what to expect from labor and delivery, including your pain management options.

Enhanced security

Safety is one of our main concerns. We take every precaution to protect you and your baby at all times. For baby’s protection and your peace of mind, every nurse wears identification with a photo, so you can easily recognize staff.

You, dad, and your baby will all have identically numbered bracelets secured to you and your baby at birth.

Newborn nursery

To promote the mother-infant bonding process, we encourage mothers to room-in with their infant.

The nursery offers large viewing windows for siblings/families of babies, bassinets, and state-of-the-art equipment for premature babies or for those needing additional medical attention.

Pediatric hospitalists

We are proud to have pediatric hospitalists available 24 hours a day for high-risk deliveries as well as any situation when your baby may need specialized care.

Birth certificates

Following your baby’s birth, you’ll receive a registration worksheet for his or her birth certificate. Once completed, a secretary will bring a typed copy of the form to your room to verify the information and obtain your signature.


Ohio law specifically indicates that the birth certificate for a child will record the mother's husband as the father unless otherwise stipulated on a court order.

For unwed parents, a notarized acknowledgment of paternity form can be signed at the hospital at the time of birth. The father must have a current, valid picture ID card with him at signing. The father's name may not be entered without the written consent of the individual to be named as the father.

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