Fit for Golf

Fit for Golf

A six-week, three times per week training program designed to improve mobility and flexibility; increase core and rotational strength; perform overspeed training to increase club head speed and work on swing related drills to improve contact.

Lee C. Jewett Sports Medicine Center

Location Details

Lee C. Jewett Sports Medicine Complex at 2801 Cleveland Road, Sandusky Ohio 44870.

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Included in the program

  • Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 physical assessment performed by a TPI Certified Therapist to identify physical limitations specific to the golf swing and provide golfer’s “physical handicap.” 
  • Video analysis of golf swing analyzed by local golf coaches to identify areas of potential improvement in your swing.
  • Overspeed training with SuperSpeed Golf training aid. Maximize your club head speed with just 10 minutes of training, three times per week.
  • Launch Monitor with indoor net, data on carry distance, club head speed, spin rate and more. Clients are able to reserve time to hit balls and review their data during training.

Schedule an appointment

Individual program will be held at the Lee Jewett Sports Medicine Complex. To schedule an appointment or request information, please contact Matt Hamlin PT, ATC, CWCE, STMT-1, TPI Certified at 419-557-7040. Cost: $250 for 6 weeks of training.