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It’s true, Firelands Regional Medical Center offers hospital jobs in Sandusky, OH. But our presence spans much farther than the city of Sandusky. With nine laboratory collection centers, 11 outpatient behavioral health locations, and 20+ Firelands Physician Group locations, we offer jobs in Sandusky as well as throughout Erie, Huron, Ottawa, Sandusky, Lorain, Seneca and Wyandot counties.

As one of the top employers in the area offering office and hospital jobs, it takes a particular type of person to become a member of the Firelands Family. Qualities we look for include:

  • The right attitude: Make the choice to have a positive attitude even when you don’t want to. Turn it around when negativity creeps in. Invest in yourself, and always project a professional image.
  • Commitment towards highest quality patient care: set goals and deadlines, and do your best every day. Be committed to the team and strive to make a difference.
  • Enthusiasm for the job: Show your energy and personality – always smile and say hello to others passing in the hallway, whether you know them or not. Take pride in your accomplishments while remaining humble.

Firelands Physician Group Careers

Firelands Regional Medical Center Jobs

All staff members make a difference – from administrative professionals who rarely see patients, to dietary and housekeeping staff who don’t provide clinical care, to our nurses and doctors who directly care for patients – and beyond.

At Firelands, each of our hospital jobs contributes our unique talents for a greater purpose – improving the lives of our patients.

The moment you walk through our doors, you can feel it. The attitude, commitment and enthusiasm each member of the Firelands Family has for our purpose. The camaraderie we share as we care for patients. The teamwork.

Are you ready to be a part of it?

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Now Hiring for Hospital Jobs: Our Firelands Family Needs You

We hire for a number of office and hospital jobs in Sandusky, Norwalk, and nearby, as well as numerous career areas and medical center jobs. Our job openings are constantly changing. Click below to begin your search for medical center jobs. If you don’t see a job that matches your qualifications, check back in a few weeks to see if a relevant position has opened up.

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Firelands Regional Medical Center and Firelands Physician Group are nicotine and smoke-free organizations in compliance with state and federal law. Therefore, any candidate that is considered for hire is expected to adhere to organizational policy and refrain from the use of nicotine.

what places are hiring? Find medical center and hospital jobs in Sandusky, Ohio.

Staff Quotes

Your search for hospital jobs in Sandusky, Ohio doesn't have to go much farther. Wondering what it's really like to work at Firelands Regional Medical Center or Firelands Physician Group? See what our staff says about Firelands hospital jobs.


"I am new to Firelands after working in a large health system for about 30 years. One of the first things that impressed me about Firelands is that everyone I met said, ‘you’re really going to like working here’ and I have found that to be true. Everyone is very welcoming and employees are very engaged when you pass them in the hallway, always making eye contact and saying hi.

The depth and breadth of services provided by Firelands as an independent, community hospital is impressive and I have seen that employees are very passionate about providing excellent care to our patients. I’m proud to be a member of the Firelands team and fully appreciate 'Big enough to care for you, small enough to care about you.'"

Behavioral Health

"I met one of Firelands' employees through a friend. He was telling me about his career here and how they were looking for therapists. He gave me Steve’s phone number and told me to get a hold of Steve to talk to him about a career opportunity. Three days later I received a phone call from Steve telling me more particulars about the position and if it was anything that I would still be interested in. Later that week, I was able to have an interview with Firelands and within two weeks I accepted a job offer.

The aspect that brought me to Firelands was that everyone that I talked to within those two weeks was very helpful and friendly. I talked to three members of the team that I would be working with and getting to know them along the way so when I started I didn’t feel like I didn’t know anyone. I had other interviews and job offers from other agencies in the area but none of them were as personal as Firelands. It didn’t seem like I was just a number. It felt like I was going to be a valued member of a team. Since starting, I have been welcomed by my team who has all been very helpful in teaching me different aspects of my job."


"I was a stay at home mom for nine years and decided to go back to school for phlebotomy because I had a two-year associate degree for medical secretary from Terra Community College. I just wanted to try something different. I was placed at Firelands for my clinicals. I was highly encouraged to apply for the open position for a phlebotomist in the laboratory. I accepted the position and it gave me a lot of experience.

I am happy with my job here because I'm very busy. I love to stay busy! We recently went to 10 or 12 hour shifts. This is great for my family and gives me an extra day off during the week. We also have new phlebotomy carts which help with patient identification and safety. They make our job much easier. I've worked here for almost nine years and plan on staying for some time to come."


"When I began looking for a job as a nurse, I applied at two different places. I was offered a position at both, surprisingly since I was also 8 ½ months pregnant. I was torn between which one I should take, since both seemed like pretty good places to work, but admittedly, one paid a little bit more an hour. Strongly leaning towards the one that paid a bit more, I scheduled an employee pre-screening. The day I was scheduled to get it done, I went into labor. I called from my hospital bed, and told the recruiter about my situation, and that I was going to have reschedule my screening. I was met with a lack of enthusiasm, and the person seemed almost “put out” by my circumstance. After hanging up, my next call was to the Firelands’ recruiter. I told them I would be happy to take the job, but under my circumstances it might be around 9 weeks before I could start. The first words were “Congratulations” and followed by a concern for what I was going through at the moment, and assurances that I would be more than welcome after I was ready.

I think I might have been a very different nurse if I had “grown up” in any other environment. From the beginning, the people I work with have placed a priority on the connection with every person they encounter. While this is a business, from day one I have felt cared for and appreciated, more like a family. Anyone can get a job that will pay you, but when we have to spend so much of our lives in one place, why not do it with people who matter to you, and who you matter to."