Addiction & Mental Health Counselor Profile

Mary Kay Baumgartner, LPCCS, LICDC-CS

"I've been with Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services of Ottawa County since before it was owned by Firelands- since March 2014. I studied psychology at the University of Toledo, and earned my M.Ed. in Counseling from Ohio University.

I've found over the years that seeing my clients making progress is the most rewarding part of my substance abuse counselor job.

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A typical day as a substance abuse counselor is busy, but it makes the time fly - I usually see about eight clients per day. Jobs dealing with mental health aren't always easy, but they're worth it. Sometimes I'm on call, in which case there is time open for crises. One day a week I travel to the Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services location in Fremont.

There are three main things I love about working as a mental health counselor at Firelands. First is the people I work with every day - my coworkers and supervisors. The people you work with really make the job what it is. We all support each other and feel respected by our coworkers and supervisors. I appreciate that the management team works to point out the positives and show appreciation for our dedication to the field of behavioral health, our clients, and the agency. Being a mental health counselor is not an easy job, but it's one of the most rewarding jobs out there. Every day, you can see the impact you're having on your clients, and you can feel the appreciation from your clients and coworkers.

Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services in particular is a great place to find substance abuse counselor jobs because of the camaraderie, but also because of the little ways we feel appreciated - the potlucks, holiday treats, Cleveland Indians Opening Day celebration, the company-wide employee picnic, and of course the cool things Firelands Regional Medical Center does for all of it's employees, like hospital week. Sometimes it's the little gifts that mean the most - the flowers, cards, balloons - those are the things that remind us our hard work is appreciated and makes a difference.

Second, the positive attitude I have for the my substance abuse counselor job and that I see all around me in my colleagues keeps me going. It's amazing what a positive attitude can do for your career. The third thing I love, which goes back to my coworkers and supervisors, is the recognition through smaller rewards, like free food, hand lotion, and unexpected gifts. We also are eligible for larger monetary bonuses, which help keep me motivated. It's a difficult job being a mental health counselor, but working in such a great environment keeps me going."

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As you can see from Mary Kay's mental health counselor profile above, the work of these therapists is challenging, yet rewarding. No matter where you choose to pursue your counseling career, you can expect to make a difference in the lives of countless individuals with substance abuse, behavioral disorders, and mental health issues.

Through substance abuse counselor jobs, you have the opportunity to save lives.

At Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services, you can expect a one-of-a-kind work environment. With 11 locations in seven counties across northern Ohio, each office is like a mini-family. Not to mention the numerous benefits of working at Firelands.

Every day, each of us contributes our unique talents for a greater purpose – improving the lives of our clients and patients.

The moment you walk through our doors, you can feel it. The attitude, commitment and enthusiasm each member of the Firelands Family has for our purpose. The camaraderie we share as we care for clients and patients. The teamwork.

We hope you'll consider becoming a part of our Firelands Family with one of our substance abuse counselor jobs. We are currently hiring addiction and mental health counselors at most of our Firelands Counseling & Recovery Services locations, including:

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