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School of Nursing Philosophy

The faculty/teaching assistants of the Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing believe that each person is an individual with mutually contingent physiological, psychological, and spiritual needs.  Individuals are diverse beings with varying amounts of potential. The faculty/teaching assistants acknowledge the dignity and autonomy of the individual and the value of life and health.  Individuals function in environments that are continuous and interactive.

The environment, which is composed of internal and external components, includes all of the conditions and elements that comprise the surroundings and influence the development and actions of individuals. The internal components are physical, emotional, social, and spiritual in nature.  The external components are life circumstances and societal impact, as well as living and working conditions. Nurses address both internal and external components of the environment in the delivery of patient-centered care. The Faculty/teaching assistants and students in the school of nursing pursue their personal and professional goals through teamwork and collaboration in an environment that values uniqueness, creativity, compassion, and competence.

Education enables learners to reach their fullest potential. Participation in sequential and concurrent learning experiences helps to promote positive educational outcomes. Learning proceeds from the simple to the complex and involves problem-solving, guided experiences, informatics, and evaluation.  Education equips learners to function effectively and to advocate for safe environments. General education courses form the foundation of the nursing program and serve to broaden the scope of the curriculum. Nursing education prepares the learner to assume increasing responsibility and commit to continued personal and professional growth. An emphasis on evidence-based practice forms the foundation for patient-centered quality improvement in the delivery and evaluation of care.

Nursing provides services that are essential to the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health and well-being. The nursing process (assessment, analysis, planning, implementation, and evaluation) is the methodology of professional nursing. The school of nursing promotes cognitive, affective, and psychomotor achievement in the practice of nursing. The relevance of ethics and values and the importance of these in clinical judgments are instilled. The use of the evidence-based practice, informatics, critical thinking, and clinical judgment are fostered and refined. The faculty/teaching assistants serve as mentors and role models of nursing.

Health includes physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects in which individuals function effectively, congruent with culture and developmental stage. Nurses affect the health of individuals through the delivery of nursing care and through patient-centered health teaching. The school of nursing facilitates student, faculty/teaching assistant, and staff involvement in health, educational, and social services to the community. 

The faculty/teaching assistants assume responsibility for the development, implementation, and evaluation of the school’s curriculum and services. The faculty/teaching assistants demonstrate a commitment to the nursing profession through continuing education, quality improvement, educational mobility, and community involvement.

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