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Our History

Known as Providence Hospital School of Nursing until 2001, the school has a long history dating back to 1905. Established by the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine of Cleveland, Ohio, the school first operated out of a house in Sandusky which served as a combined residence and class facility. A two-year program, with an additional three-month affiliation at St. Ann’s Maternity Hospital in Cleveland was offered. The first formal commencement, for a group of five nurses, was held September 26, 1907. The course of study was lengthened to three years and the affiliation discontinued in 1908. Twelve years later, a two-month affiliation for the nursing of children was established at St. Vincent’s Charity Hospital in Cleveland.

In 1923, the Sisters of St. Francis of Sylvania, Ohio undertook the administration of the school. Two years later an affiliation in pediatrics, communicable diseases, mental and nervous diseases, and diet in disease was offered for a six-month period at Cleveland City Hospital. From 1934 to 1942 the school was closed temporarily. Two years after reopening, an affiliation in nursing of children was established with the Children’s Hospital Medical Center of Akron in 1944, it ended in 1994. The school also established an extension with St. Charles Mercy Hospital in Oregon, Ohio for psychiatric nursing. An extension with Good Samaritan Hospital (Firelands Community Hospital) in Sandusky was established in 1977 for clinical experience in perinatal nursing. In 1995 a clinical rotation in pediatric nursing was added at Memorial Hospital, Fremont, Ohio, and continued until 2000. The affiliation of the school with Lourdes College in Sylvania, Ohio made it possible for a student to receive 37 semester hours of college credit in addition to a diploma while attending classes at Providence Hospital School of Nursing.

In September 2001, control of Providence Hospital was transferred to Firelands Regional Medical Center. At that time, the school name was changed to Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing. Beginning with the Class of 2002, students earned an RN diploma in nursing from Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing and a non-nursing associate degree. Graduates between 2002 and 2011 earned the non-nursing associate degree from Lourdes College. Beginning with the Class of 2012, graduates earned the non-nursing associate degree from BGSU Firelands College

In December 2003, the school was moved to the Firelands Regional Medical Center South Campus building. The school is located on the fourth floor. Clinical experience is gained at Firelands Regional Medical Center whose Board of Directors also governs the School of Nursing.

The graduation of the Class of 2021 brings the total number of graduates to 1902.

Today, Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing has not only maintained its RN diploma program but has added more educational and career options to give today's nurses and nursing students greater opportunities in the healthcare profession.

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