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Student Services

Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing provides a variety of student services to help you succeed!

Student Senate

Each class enrolled in the nursing program elects representatives to the student senate. Members of the student senate plan school activities, fundraisers, and community service projects. All students are invited to participate in these events. Student senate members also provide input on committees related to curriculum and student welfare.

Community Activities

Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing is located in Sandusky, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Erie. The area provides a small-town atmosphere surrounded by beautiful scenery and a variety of recreational, leisure, and cultural opportunities.

Within an hour's drive from Cleveland or Toledo, Sandusky residents can enjoy the excitement of city life with the luxuries of living in a smaller community.

Campus Safety

As part of the school’s commitment to campus safety and security and in compliance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act, public law 101-542, and amendments to the 1998 Higher Education Act, the school publishes the Annual Campus Security Information Sheet. This publication includes the statistics of crimes reported in the past three calendar years to local law authorities.

The school publishes the Annual Campus Security Information Sheet in the Student Handbook. This document complies with the campus sexual assault victims bill of rights. A Fire Policy is also included in the Student Handbook. Copies of both publications can be obtained at Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing.

View the Annual Campus Security Information Sheet.


Free and ample parking is available to students.

Statement of Student Disabilities

Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing, in compliance with section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, does not restrict the admission of any individual solely by reason of disability. Applicants are considered on an individual basis, and acceptance is dependent upon the applicant's ability to perform essential functions of the nursing role with or without reasonable accommodation.

Health Program

Wellness literature and programs are provided to the students by the health program coordinator. The coordinator is also responsible for making certain that student health records are complete and necessary immunizations are obtained.

Learning Resources

Enrolled students have access to the libraries and computer laboratories on the campus of the nursing program and BGSU Firelands College. Numerous books, periodicals, and software are available to enhance student learning.

Learning Assistance

The school of nursing provides a learning assistance program. The learning assistance program staff work individually with students on study skills, time management, test-taking skills, and test anxiety. Similar services are available at BGSU Firelands College, including tutors for specific content areas.


Faculty members refer students who have personal issues to a counseling program that is covered by the student's health insurance.

Financial Aid

The financial coordinator provides students with the necessary information to apply for loans, grants, and scholarships. The coordinator informs students about the awards for which they are eligible. Students with questions may make an appointment to meet with the coordinator at any time during office hours.

Loan Officer

The loan officer counsels students regarding the student loan process and disburses student refunds. Entrance and exit interviews are conducted to ensure students are well informed and comply with regulations associated with their financial aid.


The registrar/bursar assists students with registering for classes and verifying that transfer credit has been approved by BGSU Firelands College. Other duties include the billing of students and the formulation of payment plans.

Career Advisement

While enrolled in the nursing courses, students have the opportunity to observe the role of the nurse in various hospital and community-based settings. Vocational guidance is provided to students during the final semester of the program. During this semester, students discuss the application and interview process, benefits, job opportunities, and educational requirements for RN to BSN, and advanced practice nursing.

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