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School of Nursing Programs

In partnership with Bowling Green State University Firelands College, the Firelands School of Nursing offers two programs, both of which allow for the simultaneous completion of the Associate of Science Degree and the three-year Nursing Diploma. The Associate degree is offered via courses provided by Bowling Green State University Firelands campus, and the Nursing Diploma courses are provided by the Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing.

  • Associate of Science Degree (awarded from Bowling Green State Univeristy Firelands College). This degree is earned simultaneously with the Nursing Diploma. The Associate of Science degree includes all prerequisites for those nurses who choose to pursue the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree completion program.
  • Nursing Diploma (awarded from Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing). The Diploma Program provides the ideal educational experience, allowing students to apply skills learned throughout the nursing program. Students are given the opportunity to provide direct patient care in a variety of clinical settings.

Regular RN Program

Read more details about the Regular RN Program, including curriculum information.

LPN to RN Program

Explore information on the LPN to RN program, in which LPN students receive advanced standing and complete the program in two years. These students receive an RN diploma from the Firelands Regional Medical Center School of Nursing.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Regulations require that all students who receive the benefit of Federal Title IV assistance must maintain Student Academic Progress.

Gainful Employment Disclosures

Other Program Information

NCLEX-RN Passage Rates (Licensure Examination)

The FRMCSN mean NCLEX-RN® passage rate for the last three years is 94%. The national mean passage rate for the last three years is 86%. The Class of 2018 had an 88% NCLEX-RN passage rate, and the most recent graduating Class of 2019 is 100%.

Program Completion Data

The Enrollment Retention Rate is calculated annually based on the total number of students enrolled on October 15th of any given year. The most current retention rate is 81%. For the Class of 2018 the program completion rate for regular students was 75%.

Graduate Program Satisfaction

Class of 2018-Regular

  • Achievement of FRMCSN End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes = 99% adequate to excellent
  • Adequacy of nursing program curriculum = 100% adequate to excellent
  • Physical facilities = 95% adequate to excellent
  • Learning resources and technology = 94% adequate to excellent
  • Support services = 90% adequate to excellent
  • Overall satisfaction with the nursing program = 100% adequate to excellent

Employer Program Satisfaction

Class of 2018-Regular

  • Achievement of FRMCSN End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes = 98% adequate to excellent
  • Clinical preparation = 88% adequate to excellent
  • Overall work performance = 94% adequate to excellent

Job Placement Rates

Percentage of graduates who have passed the NCLEX-RN and have employment in a nursing position within 9 months after graduation

  • Class of 2018-Regular = 100%

Educational and Vocational Guidance

To ease the transition from education to employment, concepts associated with professional issues are included in the last nursing course for senior students. Various occupational and advanced education opportunities for professional nurses are discussed, including current information on employment and educational offerings in the area. Students learn how to write a resume and an application letter and are informed about the licensure process in Ohio. The course also covers the laws regulating nursing practice in Ohio.


Students are required to wear a student uniform in the clinical area during the second and third year. The school provides students with information on ordering uniforms and supplies.


Liability and health insurance are required of all students before beginning the nursing courses. Instructions on obtaining liability insurance are mailed to each student prior to the start of the second year.


Purchasing textbooks is the student’s responsibility. Students are provided with information on required textbooks/software and instructions on how and where to purchase their books.

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