Beth McCloud, MD


Pediatric Hospitalist

I completed my undergraduate work and medical school at Marshall University in West Virginia, my home state. After that, I did a pediatric residency at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus before coming to work here at

I went into Pediatrics because I genuinely love being around kids. My first job was babysitting when I was in high school. In undergrad, I worked at a daycare. I guess you could say I was meant to work with kids. When I’m working, it doesn’t feel like a job. I like that when I’m seeing kids I can be goofy with them. Even sick kids love to laugh and smile. I think it is absolutely amazing that I get to be around babies and kids all day and get paid. One of the best parts about working with kids is that they are resilient. Even though they don’t feel their best when I see them, they are usually pretty happy. I also see a lot of kids who have acute, infectious diseases that I can treat and cure.

That is very satisfying. I also see some chronic conditions. I like building relationships with those families and really enjoy the continuity of care I can provide to these families. Even with acute care, I enjoy the hospital environment and the inpatient setting. I love caring for newborns, especially, but at Firelands, I really like being the pediatric resource for the medical center. I see all ages and diseases, so that means that I maintain a level of knowledge of all pediatric medicine that I wouldn’t otherwise have if I were only seeing newborns, for instance.

When I was looking for work after my residency, I liked that Sandusky was within driving distance of my family in West Virginia. I like the vibe of Firelands Regional Medical Center and I like that it is a community environment, instead of an academic institution. Firelands offers me a unique practice in hospital medicine in that I see all pediatric patients. It’s wonderful that we can provide great care for a lot of kids and keep more families here because we have specialized pediatric care and we have access to sub-specialists, who are just a phone call away.







Medical School

Marshall University School of Medicine (WV)


Nationwide Children's Hospital