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Professional Information

Dr. Berry didn't always plan on becoming a physician. In fact, his original undergrad degree is in electrical engineering from The Ohio State University.

"I loved engineering and planned on going forward in Biomedical Engineering, but when I got into medical school, I was naturally drawn to orthopedics as it is probably the most 'engineering'-oriented specialty," Dr. Berry said.

Dr. Berry said that in addition, he chose to become a physician because it was a challenge, it involved both science and people and he found it (and still does) interesting and fun. He said he enjoys being a surgeon.

"A technically difficult case with a good result and outcome is my goal each day," he said about what gets him up every morning.

Having grown up in Cleveland, how did Dr. Berry end up in small-town Sandusky? 

"I grew up in Cleveland and my family would come up to Sandusky to boat. When I began looking at jobs, I knew I wanted to live on the water. Sandusky was perfect. I didn’t want to live in a big city and Sandusky was a good place to grow my practice. Among other places, I was recruited by Good Samaritan Hospital. They had just lost both their orthopedic physicians to retirement and relocation. I found it exciting to get to come in with fresh perspective, but I didn’t want to practice alone. I recruited Dr. Mike Felter, who was a year behind me in residency, to join me."

He also said that when dealing with a patient's care, he tries to individualize the treatment plan.

"Most problems have more than one solution and what works for one may not be the best choice for another," Dr. Berry explained. "I like to present the options, look at their needs, wants, their life situation at that time, and we jointly choose a treatment plan."

Personal Information

While being an orthopedic physician keeps him busy, Dr. Berry does have many outside interests in his free time.

He is a pilot and enjoys flying as well as enjoys boating, woodworking, gardening, and hiking.







Medical School

The Ohio State University - Columbus, OH


Mount Carmel- Children's Hospital of Columbus - Columbus, Ohio


The Hawkes Hospital of Mount Carmel