Jianlan Sun, MD



I attended Beijing Medical University for medical school China. Following medical school, I moved to the United States to complete my PhD in pathobiology at the University of Cincinnati. This program was appealing to me because I knew research was the future of medicine. I was young and idealistic and wanted to make a difference in the world.

Upon completion of my PhD, I did a two-year post doctorate fellowship at Harvard University. I completed my residency at SUNY Buffalo and then did a fellowship in hemotopathology at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

Initially, I chose the program at Cincinnati because I knew research was the future of medicine. Once I got into my fellowship and saw how physicians in medical practice were helping patients in real-time, I knew pathology would be the way I could make a difference. Pathology helps us to understand the pathways of disease development and, ultimately, to treat diseases effectively. I see a lot of different diseases and through pathology, my findings determine the course of treatment, especially when it comes to diseases like cancer.

When I finished my fellowships, I was working in Buffalo and looking for job opportunities. Buffalo is on the lake, so I knew I liked the water. I happened to see a listing for a pathology job opening here at Firelands. In addition, my inlaws live in Columbus, so Ohio was attractive to our family. I like that this area is a relatively small community and that Firelands is the largest healthcare provider in the area. This means that we see a lot of different pathology cases.

It is amazing to me that because of pathology, a person who was diagnosed with breast cancer decades ago can live cancer-free for twenty or thirty years. That truly improves a person’s life.

Firelands is very patient-centered. Here, patients are my primary focus. I wanted to make more of an immediate impact on patients’ lives. Modern medicine owes a lot to pathology and I’m excited by the advancements made and what good can be done for patients. It is a fulfilling job and I can’t wait to see where medicine goes in the future.







Medical School

Peking University Health Science Center (formerly known as Beijing Medical University)


State University of New York, University of Buffalo, Buffalo, NY


University of Texas, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX


Peking Hospital, Beijing, China