Karen S. Sheehan, MD



I attended Medical College of Ohio for one year, and then transferred to North East Ohio Medical University where I completed my medical degree. I did my residency at MetroHealth in Cleveland, followed by a six-month fellowship in mammography imaging and a one-year fellowship in abdominal imaging, both at the Cleveland Clinic.

I have always been a “science person”. Part of my interest in medicine and in radiology was because my father was a radiologist. As a child, I remember going into the office with him when he had an image to read, and loved it.

I often think about how much radiology has changed and I truly believe that medicine in 2016 could not survive without radiology. When it comes to diagnosis and treatment, family history and physical examinations are becoming less and less useful for patients than imaging because the images we can get now are so accurate. It is truly remarkable to think about how far this specialty has come and the advancements we’ve made in medicine because of the use of imaging.

My first job was at Akron General, which is a very widespread facility and required me to travel frequently. The travel became fatiguing and I wanted to be in a place where I could focus on radiology without involving travel. When we lived in Akron, we owned a condo and boat in Sandusky and we would come up here as much as we could. One day, I received a postcard from Firelands Regional Medical Center recruiting radiologists. I knew that I could easily make Sandusky my home.

When I first came to Firelands, the radiology department was in a time of transition. I knew Dr. Minotti from medical school and asked him to join the practice. I also recruited Dr. Patterson who was a partner of mine at Akron General. This mix of physicians, and those we’ve added since, has created a cooperative and talented group. One of the most exciting aspects of working at Firelands is how progressive the leadership is when it comes to technology. The administrators are eager to have the most upto- date technology, which means we are fortunate enough to have everything we need. In addition, the medical staff is collegial and easy to work with, a fact that is not the case in every medical center. Additionally, the nurses and other staff members are very skilled and professional, making for great patient outcomes.

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Northeast Ohio Medical University - Akron, OH


Metro Health Center - Cleveland, OH


Cleveland Clinic Foundation - Cleveland, OH