Steven Benedict, MD


Neurology and Concussion

I attended medical school at the Medical College of Ohio, and completed my neurology residency and a fellowship in neurophysiology at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation before joining my current practice in this region.

I selected neurology as my specialty because I enjoy the inherent challenges that are present in diagnosing and treating nervous system diseases. Often, the same disease process can present in multiple ways and multiple disease processes can present in similar ways. This work is often very complex, and requires vast clinic acumen to properly assess and help patients. This specialty requires me to stay current in my training and to continue to learn in order to better care for patients. The research on the nervous system and the knowledge that exists on it is constantly growing and changing. I am best able to help patients when I remain on the cutting edge of this research and practice, and the community is healthier because of it.

I came to the northern Ohio area on an elective neurology rotation during medical school. After I completed my training, I was offered a position in the practice here. When I accepted, I knew this position would afford me the opportunity to grow neurology care in this area and to further develop the program.

Firelands Regional Medical Center has afforded me the latitude to offer a broad range of neurology services in this region and to elevate the care given to the community. For example, we now offer a cutting-edge treatment for Multiple Sclerosis called Lemtrada, right here at Firelands. This keeps patients close to home while providing them with access to treatment options that make a difference in their lives. The environment created at Firelands Regional Medical Center is one that is conducive for developing and delivering the best care to the most people. The collaborations fostered with providers and the medical center allow this care to be performed within the region whenever appropriate rather than having to travel to a tertiary care system to receive these services.

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Medical School

Medical College of Ohio- Toledo


Cleveland Clinic Foundation- Ohio


Cleveland Clinic Foundation- Ohio


MetroHealth Medical Center- Ohio