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  • Celebrating More First Birthdays Together 11/21/2017

    Firelands Regional Medical Center distributes Baby Boxes to every newborn born here. The boxes are provided free as a safe sleeping environment for babies.

  • Feel Better at Your Hometown Hospital 10/31/2017

    It’s unusual to find a hometown hospital with the expertise to treat the complex and the routine. That’s what Firelands provides to Erie County and nearby.

  • A Birth to Remember: Brandy's Story 4/19/2017

    Until that morning Brandy's pregnancy had been perfectly normal. There was no indication of a potential emergency. Read Brandy's amazing birth story here.

  • A Neighbor, Not a Number: Joni's Story 4/11/2017

    Joni was expecting her first child when she moved from Cleveland to Sandusky. She planned to go back to the “big city” to deliver her baby. See why she didn't.

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