Maternity & Pediatrics: <br/>Class Offerings

Maternity & Pediatrics:
Class Offerings

Childbirth Preparation and Refresher

These courses prepare the mother patient for the childbirth experience and her support person to be an effective coach. Various methods of relaxation and breathing are taught. The course also includes discussion of medications, anesthesia, cesarean birth, the newborn and parenting roles.

Sibling Preparation

This course prepares children for the upcoming birth of a sibling by helping them feel comfortable with the hospital setting and the visiting routine after the baby's birth.

Gestational Diabetes Counseling

For expectant mothers with positive screening or test results. Explains diabetic condition in pregnancy, possible risks, control achieved through ADA diet, use of a glucometer for home monitoring and self-administration of insulin when necessary.

Breastfeeding Basics Class

This class helps moms develop confidence in learning the skills needed for breastfeeding. Topics include breast care and preparation, breastfeeding techniques, maternal nutrition, recognition and treatment of nursing problems, and breastfeeding support.

Breastfeeding and Return-to-Work Class

Intended for women returning to work or resuming activities that make infant nursing difficult. Topics include pumping and storing breast milk, introducing a bottle, supplementing, weaning, and other tips to make a smooth transition. These are done in a small group or individual as needed. Call 419.557.7596 for an appointment.

Breastfeeding Support

Counseling and information provided by certified lactation consultants. Services include hospital visits, follow-up telephone support calls, one-on-one prenatal counseling, follow-up clinic visits and educational opportunities for health professionals.

The Happiest Baby on the Block

Learn techniques to calm, soothe and bond with your infant. Mom and dad are encouraged to attend with baby for hands-on practice. This class is free of charge and includes a DVD and a Soothing Sounds CD.

Family & Friends CPR

This course demonstrates the techniques of adults, infant and child CPR and managing a blocked airway. The course includes a booklet and practice on manikins to increase skill and comfort level. 


Adolescents age 11 or older will learn important safety information and responsibility guidelines for caring for younger children. This course includes a booklet, and a certificate of attendance will be awarded to those who complete the class.

Boot Camp for New Dads

Real men, real babies, real-world advice.

Diapers & Doggies

For expectant parents who are integrating a new baby into a home with dogs. Taught by a certified dog trainer.

Stork Express

An opportunity to jump start admission form completion, ask questions of upcoming delivery process and participate in a tour of the OB unit.