Nutrition Counseling Services

Nutrition Counseling Services

Nutrition is a key ingredient to a healthy lifestyle. The foods you eat affect your energy level, your weight and your health.

Firelands Regional Medical Center has a staff of registered dietitians and culinary professionals. Registered dietitians provide inpatient and outpatient nutrition services and work with culinary professionals, who prepare healthy, nutritious food for the hospital community.

Inpatient Services

Dietitians are on staff to provide nutritional assessment, treatment and education for Firelands Regional Medical Center inpatients. Nutrition education for a patient’s needs following discharge is available for patients, caregivers and family members.

Outpatient Services

Individual nutrition counseling, provided by registered dietitians, is available to provide nutrition education in a private setting within Firelands Regional Medical Center for prescribed diets and for general nutrition information.  Diet education is available to any age group for all areas of specialized diet needs, including:

  • Cardiovascular disorders (congestive heart failure, high cholesterol and hypertension)
  • Digestive health (celiac disease, gluten intolerance, irritable bowel disease and low-FODMAP diet)
  • Kidney disease (pre-dialysis kidney failure and post-transplant recovery)
  • Life cycle (pre- or postnatal care and failure to thrive)
  • Oncology (unintentional weight loss, failure to thrive, healthy lifestyle, prevention and survivorship)
  • Pediatrics (growth issues, feeding issues, obesity, and food allergies and intolerances)
  • Weight management (overweight or obesity and unintentional weight loss or gain)
  • Wellness (athletic performance, sports nutrition, healthy lifestyle, and adult food allergies or intolerances)
  • Wound care (wound care nutrition)

For endocrine disorders (such as prediabetes, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome), view information about the Firelands Endocrine and Diabetes Center for Advanced Care.

Nutrition counseling services are available in a group setting for employers.